With temperatures still soaring, the three brothers tackled the Queen Stage today – a vast 76.5-mile trek with 13,400 vertical feet of climbing. Not only this but they had to bike an additional 13 miles to lunch and another 5.5 miles home. It was a long day, to say the least. Adding to it was an unplanned break due to a construction backup.

The Queen’s Stage features two main climbs – Croix de Fer, stretching 15 miles and gaining 4,700 feet, and Galibier, nearly double the distance, covering 28.5 miles and climbing 7,500 feet.

Time trials begin tomorrow morning, and Powell, Killum and Barrett are gearing up for another gorgeous day spent in the mountains, with a free afternoon to rest and recover.

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Stage 5: Serre Chevalier Briançon-Col du Granon: 15 km (1200 m Elevation)


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An uphill time trial. Good luck!

The Granon features double-figure ramps with an average gradient of 9.3% over 11.4km. The climb is beautiful, but you probably won’t get to look up that often, so there is not much to add to this one. You know whether you’re racing or surviving.

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